十大最大的网络彩票平台’s mission and philosophy acknowledges moral and spiritual development, which is highlighted at each grade’s annual retreat. Retreats, designed to foster the values and traditions of the Catholic faith, focus on prayer, reflection and interpersonal relationships. Our spiritual role model is St. Julie Billiart, foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. St. Julie overcame many obstacles, internal and external, that challenged and strengthened her resolve to educate women for life.

Middle School retreats focus on the dignity of each individual. 十大最大的网络彩票平台 strives to bring students to a place where respect is an intrinsic value. Each class has a biblical theme that relates to early adolescence and focuses on the fact that God is personal and loving.

Upper School students move away from a me-centered Theology into a Theology of the Triune God. God expects us to have a relationship with Him and because of our relationship with God, we reach out to others. Freshmen and sophomores focus on 十大最大的网络彩票平台 as the Church. Juniors and seniors focus on the sacrament of forgiveness and transitioning into living a life of faith beyond the structure of a Catholic school.